On July 16, 2017, we said goodbye to our most beautiful girl, Sugar (Quintessa was her foster name). It is more heartbreaking than we were prepared for, but we are holding onto the best memories a family could ever ask for. Although we had seen pictures of Sugar before adopting her, when she arrived at our door, it was love at first sight - we think for her, too! Not only gorgeous, she was equally as sweet. Thatís how she came to be called Sugar. Her beauty and gentleness was equaled only by her goofiness. Long limbed for a coonhound, which showed her elegance at times, also made her the most goofy when running around the yard or the house. She had a playful and independent spirit. She was an off leash walker, who greeted every dog and person we met. She was so interested in everyone around her on our walks (and at home and on vacation), she was dubbed The Mayor in our neighborhood. Although her sweetness and interest in others truly was her nature, we also knew she was secretly checking out everyone for loose bits of food or a snack in their pocket. Sugar was so well behaved, we needed no rules, although we thought we did it at first, starting with her designated sleeping space. On her first night with us, she slept on her dog bed in our bedroom, in an area especially set up for her. She seemed content and comfortable. When I woke at 2:00 am to get some water, upon my return from the kitchen (all of 3 minutes gone), she was in the bed, sleeping with her head on my pillow. Fortunately for her, and probably for us too, she was relegated only to the foot of the bed, where she remained every night until the end. All of our pets are wonderful, but every now and again, what seems like the once-in-a-lifetime-dog, comes along. From the very first day to the very last, Sugar was that for us. We miss you baby girl.

Jude and Darryl

21 July 2017