Lesley Rankine, also known as Les, Lessie-Bessie, Pork Chop, Chops, Chopper and Sug (as in sugar) passed away on January 17, 2020. We had her for 10 years and a month. Each dog we've had has taught me something and Lesley's gift was to do slow down and just 'chill.' Our walks-never fast-enabled me to see details I'd have otherwise missed. The richness of a tree's bark, the beauty of a sky at dusk, and most importantly, the sense of calm that comes with not rushing around.

Lesley had a sweetness that I don't think I will ever see again. In fact, throughout her life, the number one comment about Lesley was how sweet she was. She had such a gentle nature. I loved how she would meet people: walk up slowly, slight head raise. Never intrusive, always focusing on simply being present. Lesley was also the steady leader for Harry-our meathead pit bull. And she was a wonderful influence on other dogs we knew. Everyone just dialed it down when Les was around.

Lesley has left a hole in our hearts and we're ok, as Lesley would want us to be. (She was never one to get too excited or too dramatic.) 'It's sad and it's the way things go', I'm sure she'd say. She is free and at peace and we had the privilege to care for her and love her for a decade.

Grietje Reuter

Lesley Rankine's Happy Ending Page

25 January 2020