We adopted Ruby (Red Sonja) and her sister, Scarlet (Little Red Corvette) in October of 2007. Sadly Ruby passed away from inoperable liver cancer that she was diagnosed with in March of this year. She had lost a lot of weight over the last months, but was still spry and loving. She liked to run outside to chase whatever smells or noises that she could find...and even tried to coax her sister into playing with her two days before she died. On Thanksgiving Day, everyone that came to the house knew that she wasn't feeling good that afternoon and made a point to go see her in the bed and give her a lot of love.

We are giving Scarlet lots of extra attention these days, but she seems to be doing ok for now. She was with Ruby all day and night before she passed, so I believe she was aware of the situation. Ruby was a fantastic dog with the most loving and sweet personality. She is already greatly missed.

John and Kim

Ruby's Happy Ending Page

19 December 2017