My dearest Gypsy,

I decided to take a chance of adopting you as a 2 year old. My best friend and I picked you up and put you in the car for a 5 hour drive home. When I opened the door to the house you ran in like you had lived there all your life and we were just coming home from a walk.

I loved how comfortable you felt with me and everyone else who came into your life from day one. You were always up for a hiking adventure, a camping trip, or just sitting on the deck while I read a book.

I am just heartbroken that you suffered a stroke and have passed away. You were almost 14 years old and I'm so very grateful that we had almost 12 years together.

I love you SO MUCH and will miss you terribly.
Thank you for being such a loving friend.

Your Mom

Gypsy's Happy Ending Page

16 October 2021