Shiloh left the earthly world early Thursday morning May 29, 2008. The debilitating affects of his cancer and a flaring up of his splenic mass led us to the inevitable.

We adopted Shiloh in August of 2001, our first family dog. His bark was classic, we heard him before we first met him. You could say he had us at Howl. He quickly became the center of attention wherever we went. Strangers always inquired about his breed. "Black & Tan Coonhound" we would proudly respond. Although his breed is unique to these parts, the love and affection we had for him and he for us was not.

We got used to his drool, and evidence abounds. Shiloh was happiest with his nose to the ground and tail in the air. He had his favorite spot down by the creek were the cool water, leaping frogs and an occasional trout provided a natural compliment to his other favorite spot any floor near you.

It is difficult to lose such a colorful fellow. We will miss him chiming in on "Happy Birthday to You" or alerting us of every white truck that passes and making you aware that you are about to eat the very LAST bite of your meal. Life at home will be a little more monochromatic without Shiloh, but our lives have been imbued with his character, charm, and love that will not soon fade away.

Darryl Longo

3 March 2010