My life began on June 13, 2006 when I was delivered roadside in rural Kentucky. My birth mom, Maddie, went into labor and the first puppy came out without any issues. I was next and my head got stuck! We were being rushed to the hospital when I finally popped out. I’m told it was around a mile marker and it earned me the nickname Moe-Moe. Vivian told my real mom that story and it has always made her laugh. She’s laughing now.

This is the story of my life. Chuck is my dad. Sana is my mom. Chuck saw me on the ABTCR website in August 2006. Although he is a grown man he begged like a kid to get me! “I’ll train him, teach him manners … I’ll do anything and everything for him. Please can we get him?” Sana gave in. She couldn’t resist what she saw. I can’t blame her … I’m extremely cute and photogenic.

Some nice folks drove me up from Kentucky on September 4. The lady told Chuck, “let’s not upset him with an extended good-bye; let’s just do a quick drop off.” Upset? Why would I be upset? It was love at first sight. I was with my best friend forever. Chuck and I were made for each other. Even Sana saw it. Sana only had one request. She wanted her first kid to have the same initials as her. They recycled part of my old name and lo and behold we got an SMP … Sonny Moe Petersen.

So I forgot the coolest part … back then Chuck had a Defender. We went off-road many times and I pretended I was on an African safari. That day I jumped in without ever looking back. And boy was I in for a surprise. My new home was New York City. At first I was a little intimidated but then the compliments came and my self-confidence, according to my mom, went through the roof. I got more attention than my dad and Danford (my favorite next door neighbor) and both of them are pretty cool. Everyone wanted to know what I was, who I was, where I came from? Doberman? Rottie? Bloodhound? A mutt? But now everyone in the neighborhood knows what a coonhound looks like. My dad jokes that I was the mayor of Soho.

I enjoyed my life with my mom and dad. We took long, weekend morning walks which inevitably led to Café Café. I loved their cookies. And Miguel was willing to overlook my naughty antics. Once I jumped on the counter and slobbered on a bunch of lemon bars. He quickly disposed of them before the boss noticed. And he allowed me to return even though I howled, drooled and behaved badly every chance I got. I think I was his favorite customer. As a kid, I would split my time between home, the park and daycare. In 2011, mom got me a little sister. Her name is Duff. I hear she was a puppy mill mommy. I’m not sure what that means but she was pretty scared and shy when she came to live with us. I learned to be patient and showed her the ropes. She smelled everything I smelled and ate what I ate and tried to howl when I howled (not well might I add). I’m pretty sure she still idolizes me. I also have a brother, Giorgio, who is my cat-brother and he has his own cat, Tucker, who is just okay. I heard mom tell someone that he’s a feral cat from Atlanta. “Feral” must mean rude because he would often hiss at me. Oh but I love Atlanta.

One of my favorite trips was the drive to Atlanta to visit my grandparents. I love Chick Fil-A. And my grandma is the best cook. I have sampled a lot of her cooking; she is top-notch. Plus she adores me. She made sure all of her dogs knew I was extra special. I took over my great-grandmother’s TV-watching chair and my grandma asked the great-g to sit elsewhere. I felt like such a VIP. Whenever my mom and dad got a chance to take a vacation they would try their best to bring me along. I’ve been to Maine although I don’t care much for lobster. My mom and I have jogged on the beach in the Outer Banks. I heard her tell someone that I would be a great runner if I wasn’t so lazy! We also went to Newport, Rhode Island. It’s my parents’ favorite place on earth. My favorite part of the trip was the room service at the Viking Hotel. Yum! We’ve hiked in Connecticut, Blue Ridge, Lake Placid … I could go on forever. My parents always wanted to do a cross-country trip with me.

In 2012, my dad started working from home. I couldn’t believe my luck. It was quite possibly the most awesome thing that had happened since the day we met. We took longer walks. We spent more time at Café Café. We went hiking during the week without mom and her rules! We took extra trips to my favorite store, Pet Bar, and I literally got a flossie every week. You see I had mastered the art of finding Pet Bar from all intersections in my neighborhood. Once I pulled in that direction and flashed one of my adorable “please I want a flossie” looks my parents just couldn’t say no. Well mom could say no but I only tried this trick when I was with my dad. He could never say no to me.

Okay so there was some stuff that wasn’t fun. I got lymphoma in October 2013. It got me a lot of attention. I saw an oncologist for nine months. He was so nice and the girls at his office were sooooo… cute. I kissed all of them. But they gave me something called chemo that often made my stomach hurt. But after every treatment the doctor announced I was in remission and that made my parents very happy. So I didn’t complain and I completed all of my treatments like a champ. The best part about this chemo thing was that I got to spend time alone with my dad. He would chauffer me to and from the doctor and I got a flossie every single time. He would spend extra time snuggling with me. And mom took lots of photos of us together.

So June 13, 2014 was my eighth birthday. It was such a big deal that even my grandma flew up from Atlanta. Actually, I had a bunch of visitors in the last month. My grandpa came. Then Aunty Shan, Uncle Ko and my cousin Kashif also visited me. And I saw my favorite, Aunt Virginia, who cheats at tug-of-rope and destroys all of my toys! My parents decided that we should spend our weekends in Connecticut so they bought me a backyard for my birthday. Yes … my very own backyard. I felt like a puppy again. I ran around with my toys and ripped out a few squeakers. I dug holes. I buried my first bone. We hiked some new trails. My mom made steaks for me. I’m pretty sure we celebrated for an entire month. I felt very special.

I hope you enjoyed the story of my life. I lived it to the fullest. I loved everyone and everyone loved me. The greatest love of my life will always be Chuck. He feels the same way too. He whispered it to me before I flew away.

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27 July 2014