Just wanted to let you know we lost our dear Rhett to cancer. We have dealt with it for a year but we knew he had had enough yesterday.

Rhett was the perfect dog. I know everyone says that, but he truly was. We have had many foster dogs here and he never lifted a lip or showed his displeasure in any way. If a puppy wanted to play and he wasn't in the mood, he would only give him a warning "wooooo" to chase it away. His nickname was Johnny One Note as "woooooo "was his only sound no matter what the situation... UPS, neighborhood dog on the other side of the fence, coyote, or human visitor. He never barked, just " woooooed"! It was so quiet this morning feeding our zoo... no "woooooo" as we entered the kitchen. He leaves a huge hole in our heart.

Bill and Kathy Newton

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21 July 2017