Just wanted you to know I had to say goodbye to a wonderful dog yesterday. Her tan had faded to beige, but her black stayed true! She had slowed down in the past year, that didn't stop her love of walks. 14 years ago she came into our lives with her crazy energy and big personality. She loved everyone she met (except other dogs) and was happiest when in the middle of whatever was going on. Her intelligence astounded me at times, and sure kept me on my toes. She was also very tolerant of my granddaughter when she came into our lives. Bowdee was 11 and had really never been around children.

She fiercely protected our home, even taking on a groundhog that wandered into our yard. I hated when she found a raccoon trying to steal the cat food in our garage because neither would give up. I just had to hope the raccoon would get out through the slightly open door so Bowdee couldn't follow. Opossums were the easiest, they would play dead and she would quickly loose interest.

She never tried to jump over our chain link fence and on the occasion she got out, she would just play her game of running so you'd chase her, but never offered to run away. I would just start the car and she'd come running and we take a short ride. She loved for you to chase her in the house running from room to room was her favorite game.

I could go on with so much more. Thank you for the opportunity to have a coonhound in our lives. This is the best breed I have had.

Rest In Peace Bowdee. 5-2-07 to 7-27-21

Ann Fields

Bowdee's Happy Ending Page

30 July 2021