It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to let you know that our sweet "Belle" (Formerly Superstar) passed on May 17, 2013. She had not been sick; but this past Thursday night she suddenly just went down, when I got her to the Vet the next morning and after our his initial exam he felt that she had suffered what was called an abdominal carcinoma tumor that had ruptured and she was bleeding out internally and that our best course was to just let her go. We adopted Belle back in 2006 as a very sick girl. No one knew for sure the situation she came from or what she had endured but we do know that with the help of Black and Tan Rescue, and her foster mom Joan Nickum, she would not have survived. After bringing her home and continuing to nurse her back to good health and beginning the process of learning about life in general, she became a very outgoing confident dog and had made friends out of anyone willing to give her a pet on the head.We were lucky to have her for these past 7 years.

Mary Rose

Superstar's Happy Ending Page

4 July 2013