Omar (formerly "Take It Easy") came to us on October 30th, 2006 from Jonesborough, Tennessee, but it seems as if he had been with us for all of his approximately 7 or 8 years. He was a farm dog through and through. He learned to like the comforts of home, although he never did see anything wrong with treating the house like it was the great outdoors. Omar had the heart of a gentleman, and the strength and determination of a strong hunter. He respected his alpha female, and fellow southerner, Molly, endured "Puppy" Barl's herding instincts, although well past his puppy grace period. He never minded sharing with Trooper, Bro D or little Camden or Rory.

His big feet could open any container and he was the only dog to spend endless time picking and choosing the ripe figs from the tree in the summer.

He was not a retriever or a swimmer like the rest of his pack, but when the others would frantically bark too long at the larger blue ball in the pool, Omar would casually stroll over, paddle the ball towards his mouth, pick it up, walk off and drop it, as if to say, "ain't no thing."

Omar was named after a character on The Wire. The character once said, "Every man got to have a code." Omar had his.

In spite of all efforts, Omar was euthanized after an unsuccessful recovery from surgery for bloat the day after Christmas. He is and always will be deeply missed.

Joan Vecsey

"Blessed is he who has earned the love of an old dog."

21 January 2009