Miss Mabel Kirkpatrick - Gotcha Date 2/28/15 - Rainbow Bridge Date 4/10/21

Oh Miss Mabel. It's been 3 months since we had to let you go. I hope you are running free from the pain your severe hip dysplasia was causing you. I've been struggling to write this memorial because I want everyone to know the "one of a kind" family member you were and how much we loved you.

I guess it starts with losing Guinness in November of 2014. Molly was both yours and Guinness' foster mom and telling her of Guinness' sudden passing was devastating. We told her it would be springtime before we would be ready to adopt another, but definitely had plans to bring another hound into our family.

About a month later I got an email from Molly wanting to know if we had considered a Bloodhound this time (as Guinness was a Black & Tan). I said yes, we had talked about a Bloodhound. Then "the picture" came:

Seriously - who could say no to that face. Love at first picture. 30 lbs underweight and heartworm positive. We'd have to wait until early March before you'd be ready for adoption - definitely worth the wait.

We met up with Molly on February 28, 2015 in Paducah Kentucky. A beautiful, sunny day in the 50's - drove back to Central Illinois where a winter storm was coming. Woke up the next morning to 10 inches of blowing, drifting snow and wind chills below zero. You were cold, miserable and dumb-founded. In order to get you to go potty we had to walk you to the end of the cul-de-sac where cornstalks from harvest were still sticking up out of the snow so you knew where to go. We tried shoveling an area in our yard - but you never liked going in your own yard - no matter the weather. I guess that should have told us who was going to run our household from that day forward!

ABTCR's best guess was you were used as a breeding bitch and either ran away or were dumped. You didn't seek out affection and were pretty aloof for quite a while. You listened fairly well, when you wanted to. You were such a gentle soul with a stubborn streak a mile wide. You definitely weren't placed on this earth to be a "pleaser" but to be pleased. And we felt you deserved that as well. Those beautiful eyes spoke volumes and you knew how to use them to get what you wanted.

Your happiest place was outside when the neighborhood kids were around and I believe you thought our grandchildren were your greatest gifts. You were adored by all the kids and you gave them all the love you had to give.

You sure had your share of health issues, an anal gland infection that took over a stinky year to finally get under control (thank you to Dr. Sandre Siwe for using some good, old fashioned solutions to a chronic issue). You had 2 mammary tumors removed and another lump that was cancerous but caught early and was removed with clean borders.

You took us by surprise when you finally started seeking affection and comfort from us. You weren't much of a snuggler, so when the rare occasion came that you wanted to be close we learned to stop what we were doing and just love on you for however long you deemed appropriate. We watched your mobility decline and your pain level rise fairly quickly over the last year of your life and even though we desperately wanted more time with you we knew we couldn't hold onto you any longer.

The house is empty without your presence. I'm not sure we realized just how big a piece of our puzzle you were. I think it has a lot to do your independent nature and how we got used to you being across the room. There are still days I expect to look and find you in your spots. 6 years just wasn't long enough sweet girl. We miss you!

Sue and Gale

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11 July 2021