Uma came into the Rescue program last fall. She had been found as a stray in Massachusetts, suffering from a severe ear infection. Heather and Bob William agreed to foster her, not knowing what they were taking on. Their vet diagnosed her with an auto-immune disease, Pemphigus Vulgaris, which causes painful blisters in the ears, mouth, and eventually the internal organs. Heather and Bob nursed her back to health and decided to keep her, knowing that she would not have much time. She made friends with their greyhound, Gunner, and chased cats and chickens. Her ears were finally pain-free.

Then the blisters returned, this time along the edges of her eyelids. More medications were tried. She patiently submitted to all of the care, never once complaining. Then, yesterday her abdomen began to fill with fluid and this morning Heather and Bob were faced with a painful decision. She was put to sleep after all her buddies at the vet gave her numerous treats and goodies. Snuffled her way out, peacefully. Now she has treed all the cats she wants, along with a few fat coons. She can see again, more than five feet in front of her.

She could not have been cared for better, and all of us at Rescue want to thank Heather, Bob and their vet for their love, kindness and compassion.

8 April 2006