I just wanted to pass along that I lost my sweet Veronica this past spring. I was fostering for Rescue in Virginia 15+ years ago and Veronica and Vanessa stayed with me. Vanessa passed away from parvo and I adopted Veronica. She was an old soul right from puppyhood and stayed that way her whole life. I don't think I will ever have another dog like her. She saw me through some tough times and we took up agility to get thru them. She was an amazing jumper and made it to excellent in jumpers but hated contacts and only completed novice! She would pick one contact and refuse to touch it, usually the table. She was well known and loved in the agility circle in Virginia. She loved people but had very little use for other dogs. She knew the sport better than me and saved my run many times. She was the mistress of Ceremonies at the American Heart Association walk two years in a row. I just wanted you to know what a joy and a blessing she was. I have attached a couple of my favorite photos, both taken at agility trials, her first and last. She is missed by all that knew her.

Thank you so much,
Joan Eckersen

7 October 2020