On Sunday we buried ABTCR alum Velvet Rose. She came to our foster home on New Year's Day in 2015 after years of breeding and ending up stray in Western Kentucky. She was about 6 years old when she came here and hadn't had much love in her life until she was found by kind-hearted people who began to help her and eventually got her into rescue. We fell in love and foster failed her. She was loving and happy and slightly aloof, probably because she never had much use for humans before Rescue. It warmed our hearts to see her come around and appreciate the love she got from us. Recently she was diagnosed with cancer and after some recent surgery, had a few good weeks before she passed peacefully in her sleep. She is running at the Bridge now with those who have gone before. RIP Velvet Rose. You will be missed, girl.

Thank you for the many wonderful years you gave to us and for trusting us and loving us after humans had been so crappy to you for most of your life.

Mark and Pat

7 October 2020