It's taken me a month to write because we are so heartbroken, but we lost Jackson on May 5, 2009. He had splenic torsion and died within a few hours of first signs of illness and we are just beside ourselves.

Jackson was the perfect complement to our family of hounds! He was the sentry, leading our basset hound Tyler (his deputy), on patrols of the yard at all hours of the day and night. He was our protector, particularly from the loud pool pump and air conditioner! My mom, his Gramma, could go nowhere without him...every trip to the outside for fresh air or the bathroom or to watch TV had him quickly behind. Our beagle, Alice Anne, alerts everyone to noises while they sleep, and Jack was up and inspecting as quickly as he could. Our other coonhound, Miata, can be timid about things like going outside or when we move furniture, but he would happily open the door for her wider or walk through a narrow space first so she knew she'd make it just fine. We miss him dearly and feel like the short 3 years we had with him was not nearly enough, but we know how much better he made our lives in that time. I miss my walking partner and friend.

Here is a newer picture of him lounging on the patio with my mom.


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14 June 2009