We had to let Blue leave this world due to a brain illness. I would like to thank you for the wonderful gift of choosing her for us. You have been a blessing to us on several occasions, and hope that someday when we heal that another one of your pups will find a great home with us again.

This story starts as a time when two hearts needed to find each other 10 yrs ago. My son Jake was a about to enter a new school specializing with dyslexic children, where his other school had given up on him at 12 yrs old. We had promised Jake a dog to be his buddy through this hard time and be able to focus on something else other than difficult school work. So he went on line and knew that he wanted a Black and Tan, so that was the beginning of a wonderful journey. It’s very much as you are dedicated to your dogs, The Rescuer with a Heart. That’s how I felt also, and knew, that really, it was Jake that needed “Blue” as much as “Blue” needed Jake.

The trip was long to get there to pick her up, but we knew that we had a special dog. She so wanted to please, love and be part of our family from the start. Daily walks and run in the yard, as well as the excitement when Jake would come home from school was an everyday event. Having her near his side while studding or even laying on the bed at night until they both fell asleep, was a sight to behold. Two hearts, One Soul.

Blue had become a part of everyone in the families’ lives. She understood every personality, and we all know her “Ms. Proper Princess”. Everyone loved her and thought she was an incredible dog! Smart as a whip, she would understand everything you said. She was the dog that asked permission from getting a treat of “people food: (which wasn’t often) to getting on the bed or couch and her favorite chair, with those big dark eyes; she would remain on the floor wagging her tail gazing at you until you said “alright” she would jump up with glee, lick your face and settle in for a nap. Something that she loved to do and it still baffles me why she would lay in the hot sun and soak up all the heat in summer! She loved going on jog’s or hiking trips with my other son Cody whom she also loved dearly.

She was gentle in every way, as well as polite. It simply just made it incredibly hard to hear that she would have to been put to sleep, because of the effect of the tumor on her brain. It’s as if she was on this earth just for us and as if she knew that her time her was coming, she waited for Jake to be all grown up graduated college and me healed from a Divorce. Which I don’t know what I would have done without her! It’s weird. We were looking forward to “Ole Blu” to be there for many more years to come, to get grey together. Funny her beard had stated to turn gray just as my hair did. But I always thought that we would have many more grey hairs together as well as years. I think for me she was like my security blanket. I always felt safe when she was around me. Not that she was aggressive; it was just her Sure Presence that made me feel as if all was well while she was with me.

We will only have wonderful memories of her, always wanting to be by your side. Running with the football and howling as he was having fun. Ice-cream, soft music, her Blankly, liking her bath, but Hating water in a pond.(lol and she’s a coon dog) loving peanut butter and car rides!!! We will miss that she knew exactly what you might be going through. If someone was feeling sad, she was right there to stay with you and hug you through it. She was a great listener, and a great friend that will be lost only in body, Because, I believe that she will still walk beside us in spirit. We loved her as much as she loved us. She had a wonderful life and we did too because of her!!

Good Bye My Blue xoxox; We will Always love you!!

2 August 2012