At 3 AM this morning Tom and I had to take Bear to the emergency vet and put him to sleep. He declined suddenly…I had just returned from out of town and he’d not been doing well yesterday. We buried him out back in our “family plot” with some photos of his family, his “home again” (microchip) tag, and some doggie biscuits. That Bear… so sweet and unassuming, and timid… only dog I ever knew that you had to chase down to give him a cookie! Tom sure loved that hound dog; I think Bear was Tom on four legs. But we did right by him and he truly knew, in his quiet way, that he was loved. Whatever happened to him before we got him was at least eased for the years we had him. We gave him back to Mother Nature from whence he came; he was only ours on loan and we’re grateful for having had him.

Bets, Tom and Aunt Peg

Bear's Happy Ending Page

8 December 2009