It has been more than a year ago Jagger passed away. His memorial is late coming because we have been so busy with the joy of adopting new Hounds and fostering some wonderful Hounds in this last year. Jagger opened that door though, and he will never be forgotten. It had been 7 months since I lost my first Black and Tan, Elvis. I came to the ABTCR website almost daily, just looking and knowing I would have to have another one in my life someday. One night as I logged on, there was Jagger in a picture looking(at the place he was ultimately rescued from) so forlorn on the end of a short chain. He was so skinny. I emailed Jayne and told her I would foster. Within a few days I was looking at and had my hands on the first Black and Tan in 7 long months. I cried on the spot. Jagger seemed to understand. He was such a sweet boy and soon became a happy one. He was loaded with intestinal parasites and had sarcoptic mange. Within the first 3-4 weeks he began putting on weight and his coat was filling in and looking shiny. He got along with everyone..except cats..and he was even calming down over them. Suddenly he stopped gaining weight and we noticed he was slowing down. I noticed his gums were bleeding one night and from past experience just thought it was an abcessed tooth. While at the vet's the next day, he began having breathing problems; and despite all my vet's best efforts, Jagger slipped away. My vet had done a quick x-ray when the labored breathing first began. He said poor Jagger's lungs looked like "a snowstorm". He obviously had a lung disease that he had masked the symptoms of so well. His ashes are scattered all over my property. The first home where he was ever loved and appreciated for the wonderful dog he was. I know in my heart, he and Elvis are together; and what a reunion we will all have someday.

Norma and Ed Belford

25 October 2008