We lost Rosie to cancer on Monday April 2. She was diagnosed with late stage lymphoma three weeks ago and did pretty well until the weekend. We had to let her go. She was afraid of everything when we got her from a shelter in May of 2005 where she had been dumped because of all things; she had a litter of puppies. She became our “permanent foster”. For the first several days we had to literally pull her from her crate to get her to eat or go outdoors. To the day she passed, she was afraid of people, young or old, noises, storms, and fires in the fireplace. It took her a few years to warm up to our kids that were grown and living on their own. She always went upstairs when we had company, she could not trust, was always afraid. She changed with the birth of our first grand child in January of 2008. From that time forward she was at the side of the grand kids, which now number four. She was heartworm positive when we got her and she survived two previous episodes of cancer. Like many of the dogs in this wonderful program, her age when we got her, or how badly she had been treated, will never be known. She was a wonderful, loving goofy hound that has taken a part of us with her. We love you Rosie and miss you so much.

Phil and Peggy Trimpe

23 April 2012