I never want Maverick to be forgotten. He was a sweet, big, beautiful, Bluetick. I only had him for a little while but I will never forget the love that shone through his eyes. He just wanted to be loved and to be a part of a family you could just see it. I will never forget how much fun he was to go for a walk with. He walked very well on leash and when he saw another dog the whole neighborhood knew it! It was funny and everyone laughed.... Good old loud baying! He loved his cookies. He loved his toys. He loved stretching out on the rug and rolling on his back. I'll also never forget our trips together. We had a great time at Saluda Coonhound Day it was a long trip but he had great fun meeting everyone (dogs and people alike) and cooling off in the kiddy pools! Whenever we went for a ride we had a ritual - he rode nicely in the back until we made it to McDonalds. He knew I would always buy him a hamburger. Oh how he loved that!

Maverick unfortunately passed away quietly from complications due to past physical trauma. He had a good sweet heart but this world was bigger than he was and his issues got the better of him. I was with him when he took his last breath and I will never forget him. He will always be in my heart now and forever. He was a good boy! RIP Maverick until I see you at the Rainbow Bridge!

Suzanne Torroni

30 August 2012