We have lost our beautiful, sweet bloodhound. Iíve been putting this off because it is so painful to write or even think about. John and I simply adored Ginger so much. She was the life of the house and the light of our lives, so giving and loving. Every morning to be greeted by her wagging body and excited whimpers was a true blessing. We miss her so much and cannot stand the fact that we will never hug and kiss her velvety-soft, big head again or listen to her snoring. Ginger was the most unique dog we have ever had and she was not with us long enough. Our poor girl suffered with pancreatic cancer. She did not deserve such an end. Olive and Marvin are missing their playmate too and itís just so hard to accept that she is gone. I canít seem to stop crying, we are devastated because we just loved everything about her.

Ginger was gently put to sleep July 23, 2013 wagging her tail to the end. Our sweet baby girl, you were so loved. Thank you for being part of our family even if for such a short time.

A Very Heartbroken,
Alison and John Baumgartner,
Marv and Ollie, too

Ginger's Happy Ending Page

8 August 2013