Naomi, at 11.5 years of age, died on Wednesday. Last Friday, she was diagnosed with a large benign tumor on her heart that was effecting her blood and air flow. She had surgery to remove the mass. After fighting like the tough little stubborn hound that she was, Naomi died at about 11:15pm Wednesday. She started having trouble breathing around 9:30pm and later went into cardiac arrest. She came back once and then left us.

Naomi was not an easy dog. She was so willful and a bit nutty. She had a tough beginning. A failed hunting dog because she preferred people, she was abandoned in a hunting area in rural Indiana. She was saved by Rescue and I adopted her in late May 2000. She flew to Sacramento and we started our life together on June 9, 2000.

Naomi was a test in patience and trust. But the rewards were so grand. For almost 9 /1/2 years she has been a trusted and loyal and oh so sweet companion. She was a part of me and I think that's what hurts so much--that a part of me is gone.

My husband, who married both Naomi and I, always joked that he didn't like Naomi that much. But I would catch them upstairs, he tenderly petting her on the head and her nuzzling deep into his chest. My bond with Naomi was strong and obvious; her's with Robert was quiet and deep.

I could write on and on and try to hold on, but she is gone, and we should let her go. Despite my tears, I am reassured that we gave her the best life possible and that she truly led a life well-lived. We love you Naomi and you will be missed.

Grietje and Robert

Naomi's Happy Ending Page

6 November 2009