is with a heavy heart that I write this. In the early morning hours of July 10, 2012 our beloved Raven went to the rainbow bridge. We adopted Raven in 2004 from Jayne. Raven was our first coonhound and we are glad that we had so many wonderful happy years with her. Raven had it all. Good looks, true grit, smart, cuddleablity, beautiful colors, and a great personality coupled with a comical naughtiness. She never met a person or dog she didnít like. She was great working with all the foster dogs that we have brought through, especially the tender cases that were stuck in a shell with nervous or aggression problems. I canít begin to count how many lives she helped save. I often think it was her way of paying it forward. She could get fosters of all ages and types to come out of their shell. I learned so much from her about dealing with all different dogs, and just life in general. Raven was an avid hunter. She wasnít afraid to take on any quarry. In her mind it had better get up a tree or get ready for a tussle. She had treed many squirrels, and the occasional opossum, coon, and feral cat. On one night while accompanied with her pack siblings, they ran off 5 coyotes just bawling at them. After her little back yard hunts, she would smile and look at me with pride.

She would sit on the couch next to me at night. She would climb up and line up right next to me like a person and set her head on my shoulder. She was a fan of beer and would smack me on the knee when she wanted a sip. Raven was a talker. She would make these purring / moaning sounds when you rubbed her chin and whispered in her ear. Out of the hundreds of dogs Iíve cared for, fostered, owned, showed, there are those few that I could never replace. They are just so special and have touched me in a way most would never understand. Youíd give just about anything to have another day with them. It was an honor to have known her and to have the opportunity of having her in our lives.

She was our happy Raven hound right to the end. She was outside playing and chasing chipmunks early Monday night. She is deeply missed by all.

Hereís to Raven: One hell of a dog and a great, great friend. These words just donít seem like enough. Rest in peace little girl.

Ryan, Shelley, Velvet, Holly, Clair, Emmy and Toby Joch

Raven's Happy Ending Page

19 August 2012