"Catch me when I'm falling, help me when I'm blue.
Don't you realize that I'd do the same for you?
Find me when I'm lonely, carry me back home.
Treat me gently and my heart will never roam."
~ Eric Clapton

Our latest entry in the "How can people do this to an animal?" category, Tell Me That You Love Me ("Lovie") was surrendered to a Texas kill shelter by her owner (who then took off without even telling the shelter her name). Lovie was taken into foster care in Dallas and received tender, loving care for probably the first time in her life. Hospitalized several times after being diagnosed with severe gastroenteritis and pancreatitis, she was unable to keep food down and became weaker daily.

Lovie's spirit stayed strong until the end but her poor body was just too damaged to continue any longer. She passed peacefully at home in a warm place with her favorite human and canine friends nearby. When Lovie first came to her foster family she was indifferent to any attention for she had no reason to expect anything good from a human hand. As Lovie gradually became weaker and more dependent on human help, her entire being softened and she finally allowed herself to trust and to seek out companionship from her people. In the end she was able to accept the love of her foster family and, we believe, return it herself.
Godspeed sweet Lovie.
You are sorely missed.

Her foster family and Rescue would like to thank all of you who donated money to cover her expenses and sent your good wishes and prayers for her recovery.

December 19, 2006