In October of 2005 I had adopted a black and tan you called Vega through your rescue. Well, Jackson has been a great dog. He was my best friend, I loved him more than life itself. Tuesday he got hit by a car. Thank God I found him, and the only thing wrong was that his leg was broken. I took him to the ER vet, and they said he would need surgery. The next day I took off work, and picked him up and took him to my vet, and he said that in 25 years of being a vet he has never seen a break like this. He referred me to a few people, and all day yesterday I was driving around trying to get him better. All the doctors could not guarantee anything, and being a coonhound I did not want that. They said if infected they would remove his leg, and if not infected if will be in pain for a long time. I had to make the decision that I think I might regret later, but yesterday, Aoril 12th, I brought him home to be in the house one last time, and to say bye to his brother, (my other dog Otto), and I took him to be put to sleep. He hung on for so long looking at me, and I think if he could talk he would be saying thank you. He died in my lap 10 minutes later. I took him home and found a good spot in my backyard for him, I know that is where he would have liked to be so that where he is now at home with me. I'm going to miss him, and I would like you to put this on your website. My dog Jackson was the best dog in my opinion, and no dog could ever replace him, but he is not in pain anymore, and that puts me at rest. Thank you for doing what you do , and maybe when I'm ready for another one I will give you a call, but for now I just want him to be remembered. Thanks Mark

12 April 2006