What is Rescue?

Rescue is a program that takes in dogs that have lost their home for any number of reasons. In the case of our beautiful breed, most of the rescue dogs are hunting dogs. The people involved in rescue do a variety of tasks, including fostering the dog until a home can be found. They also help transport a dog to a new home, make donations of time and money, work on public education, and the list goes on. These people are heroes! Without rescue programs and the people who are willing to be involved in them many wonderful dogs would loose their lives. The other heroes in rescue are the people who find it in their hearts and homes to adopt the dog that is not a cute little puppy!

Why Rescue?

That is easy. Because every dog deserves a chance.

Why would someone want a rescue dog? There are many reasons to adopt a rescue dog. These dogs are usually beyond the puppy stage. There is usually very little chewing or destructive behavior. Older dogs can go for more than a few minutes without having to go potty. This means these dogs can be perfect for busy people who do not have the time to deal with young puppy behaviors. You know what the dog will look like and how big the dog will be when it is grown. Most of all, rescue dogs are usually very grateful for the kindness shown to them. Many of these dogs have lived the rotten side of life and understand when they have it good. Rescue dogs have lots of love to give.

There can be some challanges to adopting a rescue. Sometimes you have behaviors that have never been corrected which need work. In the case of our hounds, since most of them were hunting dogs, many are not housebroken or crate trained. Many have had to fend for themselves and are very independent. Sometimes a dog has never had the opportunity to trust anyone and doesn't trust people.

Most of the time these things can be overcome with time and love. Dogs are usually very resilient and it is amazing what a little love will do.

For your love you will be rewarded with the unconditional love that only a dog gives you. When the rest of the world seems hostile, your dog will always love you!

How can I help with AB&TC Rescue?

There are many ways that people can help with rescue. Foster homes are desperately needed in all areas of the United States. This is the dog's first step out of homelessness and towards its new life. Fostering a dog is extremely rewarding and provides insight into the dog's personality so that a good match can be made with a potential adopter. AB&TC Rescue will cover the costs of any and all vetting required by the dog.
While foster homes are desperately needed, there are many other ways to help.

You can help with the transport of a dog that is on its way to a new home and the hope for a brighter future. You can keep networked and spend some time crusing pet bulletin boards helping match up people looking for a friend to love with a rescue in need. You can help out at a local shelter one or two hours a month. You can help in the education of school children on responsible pet ownership. The list is only limited by one's imagination.

Please consider helping out in at least one rescue a year. RESCUE IS WORTH IT! Seeing the progression of a dog from a thin, unhappy hound to a fat, happy hound with a loving family makes one feel good.

For more information on obtaining a Black and Tan Coonhound rescue or helping out with AB&TC Rescue contact Jayne.


Page last updated on 15 January 2007